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Portfolio Perspectives June 2018

June 19, 2018

Geo-political risk was front and center in the month of May, leaving investors to contemplate the fate of the global economy. Though some degree of headline news could be cast as temporary ‘noise’ for the markets, we are cautiously positioned and poised for adjustment as we assess the most recent developments of the global landscape.

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Portfolio Perspectives June 2018

Managing Your Money

The Wood Report - August 2017

Written by Nitin Manohar
October 5, 2017

The greatest difficulty we face today when investing money is to simplify a very complex world in order to determine a strategy. As an advisor, knowing your belief, and making recommendations that fall from that, certainly gives everyone who listens, a sense you know what you are doing. It’s simpler if your client only cares about return, has a long term investment horizon, and they really do look the other way when the market goes down. That’s managing money…not savings. However, that’s pursuing a result… not meeting someone’s financial needs and goals.

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