What we do

Our range of services

What We Do

We believe—emphatically—that every client is unique. We work—carefully, systematically, and exhaustively—to understand your precise personal and professional financial objectives and expectations.

Our clients expect accessible personal contact. They expect transactional commissions and fees to be completely transparent. They expect regular performance reports, timely statements, and portfolio rebalancing recommendations when necessary and appropriate.

Our wealth management process embraces and includes—but is not limited to—the following range of integrated services:

  • Wealth protection, tax & insurance management
    Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.
  • Will, estate & trust planning
    Scotiatrust®, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company
  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment, wealth & retirement planning
  • Charitable giving advisory services
    Scotiatrust®, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company

Integrated seamlessly into a single, focused strategy, these individual elements constitute the building blocks of what we call Total Wealth Management.