Managing Your Money

The Wood Report - August 2017

October 5, 2017


The greatest difficulty we face today when investing money is to simplify a very complex world in order to determine a strategy. As an advisor, knowing your belief, and making recommendations that fall from that, certainly gives everyone who listens, a sense you know what you are doing. It’s simpler if your client only cares about return, has a long term investment horizon, and they really do look the other way when the market goes down. That’s managing money…not savings. However, that’s pursuing a result… not meeting someone’s financial needs and goals.

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What’s affecting your investments?

The Wood report

May 31, 2016

When one of the world’s most successful investors, a man in his 8th decade, sounds the bell of change like he’s a 60’s folk icon, you know change is inevitable. Actually, in the financial services industry change has been around for a while. The newspapers constantly ring out terms like “digital transformation” and “robo-advice” while online banking done while having a coffee at Tim’s has become a reality for the majority of Canadians. Not all mind you, but most. That said, the next five and ten years of your life and mine will be remembered for significant change, increased expectations from those who tell our industry what must be done, and the changing needs of your life.

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